I told my ex husband more than three years ago that I wanted to end the marriage…I am now divorced. But that time and still happening now, I am subjected to controlling behaviors. So much that I feel stalked, and am always waiting for the next drama. I did not have a full time job when we were married because “mums are supposed to stay at home with the children,” so when we separated I had very little income with two children to support.

In this time I am now fully employed and back on track with being able to provide for my children and no longer living hand to mouth. This has fueled my ex husband. He has since separation, at every opportunity, tried to make our financial situation a struggle. This is a long story. But the long and short of it is, even after more than three years separation he still seems to spend too much time trying to make my life difficult financially and emotionally. His latest fixation on me is insisting I cc my mother into email exchanges, which I am ignoring, and stalking my social media and online presence. Reporting my social media accounts with complaints to try and continue to damage my reputation.

His behavior has many different levels and degrees of harassment and intimidation. In this last few years I have learned to not engage in any emotional response. It does not stop the constant intimidation but it does give me a sense of boundary. I feel so much stronger in myself now I am taking back control. I just hope one day he will leave me alone so I can truly be free of his attempts at control. Stay strong.

My mantra is “I am a good human” xx

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