The best advice I ever received when it came to be divorcing the narcissist was this: Document. Document. Document. There is nothing more powerful in a court or in front of an attorney than your story. 

First, writing is therapeutic. You need to write to heal and help your case—so document everything. Psychologists have proven that writing can facilitate a faster road to healing. You are putting your pain and sadness on paper and, in some ways, letting it go.

Secondly, your documentation can stand up in a court of law.  It is one thing for your attorney to tell a judge, “My client has suffered abuse at her husband’s hands for ten years.”  It carries so much more weight when your attorney can ask the judge to admit pages and pages of documentation about the abuse into court.  The judge will likely think, “Oh, there is some validity to this woman’s (or man’s) claim.

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Document, Document, Document.