Dr. Carter and I had our first webinar this week, and we tackled how to manage the malignant narcissist. We sat down together and looked through all of the questions and comments you all have sent to us lately and there seemed to be a common theme: “How can I learn how to deal with a narcissist safely and privately?”

We knew we had to create something that was more private than our typical social media platforms, and allows for you to feel safe not only engaging with us, but learning how to navigate your life as you deal with the narcissist. That is why we decided to build Surviving Narcissism’s “Team Healthy.” This venture is an effort to help you manage life when it comes to not just navigating but surviving narcissism.

I’ll get to what else is on the horizon, but in case you missed the webinar, here is a snapshot. Dr. C and I looked at what narcissism is, then how malignant narcissism manifests.

Narcissism is a mental health disorder diagnosed when a person exhibits symptoms along a spectrum. They include:

Controlling attitudes 

Low empathy


Sense of entitlement

Need for superiority

Need to feel important

Excessive defensiveness

Exploitive behaviors

Exaggerated self-importance

A malignant narcissist takes narcissism a step further. They are pathological and often bordering on sociopathy. There is no remorse and no empathy. Symptoms of malignant narcissism include:

Has exaggerated disregard for others’ needs and feelings

Demonstrates little or no empathy for others’ pain

Has no remorse

Doesn’t care about another’s dignity

Characterized by hostile feelings

Is aggressive with anger

Shows no accountability

Dr. C and I took questions at the end of the webinar, focusing on how you can survive these narcissists and make decisions with clarity. The biggest takeaways were that you must care for yourself first, and you must understand that you cannot change or get the narcissist to “see” what that person is doing.

If you missed the webinar, it’s not too late to get on board for the next one. Be sure to check YouTube, watch these emails, look at survivingnarcissism.tv for a registration link that will be posted soon.

Finally, Surviving Narcissism is taking YouTube to another level for those who want more engagement with Dr. C and me. We are building our Team Healthy Community right there. It’s a low monthly cost (under $7), and you’ll have access to live sessions each week by both of us, exclusive videos and conversation pieces that dive deeper into the topics on our regular channel, and a ton of other fun perks like discounts and early access to future events. You can sign up right HERE

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We are excited about expanding our ways to help you. The more we know, the better equipped we are to handle what comes our way. Team Healthy wants to help you not just survive but build your best life yet.