The narcissist wants a lot of things from us, but let’s think about the main things the narcissist wants.

Ironically, the three things a narcissist wants all start with an S. I thought it would be interesting to go over the three S’s the narcissist wants from you and create a video diving much deeper into these three S’s.

1. Supply – This is the way the narcissist protects their false sense of self. They do this at the expense of others, typically empaths, people like you and I. 

2. Service – This is how you take care of them, and how they take care of them. Who takes care of you? You can’t even take care of yourself because you are so busy taking care of the narcissist. If you want to go out to dinner but the narcissist wants you to make dinner, guess what ends up happening? You make dinner. You spend your days doing everything for the narcissist and it gets to the point where you don’t have any time to take care of yourself anymore.

3. Sex – The narcissist doesn’t want emotional intimacy because they are not capable of that. They want physical intimacy because they feel as though they are entitled to it, and it might not just be you. Often times, narcissists are unfaithful and feel as though they deserve sex from anyone they want. Physical intimacy is on their terms, and on their time. If you don’t want to be intimate, the narcissist doesn’t care. They will insist and ultimately make you feel bad for ever saying no.

Let’s dig deeper into the three S’s the narcissist wants from you in this brand new video here: