Anger Games

Anger Games, Anger Games


The easiest way to discern narcissism is by watching how a person responds to conflict. Healthy people can manage conflict, and its accompanying anger, constructively. Narcissists play head games.

“Anger Games” is a refreshingly insightful course that will help you identify how narcissists “invite” you into their games. You will be taught how to remain steady despite their lack of it.

Anger Games, Anger Games

What Is Included In This Course?

✅ 5 modules, each with 5-6 unique lessons addressing the how and why of a narcissist’s style of conflict management

✅ Each lesson is accompanied by a 10-12 minute video made by Dr. Carter

✅ An extensive workbook with sections to accompany each lesson

✅ Guided questions concluding each lesson to individualize and apply your learnings

Anger Games, Anger Games

Meet Your Teacher

Anger Games, Anger Games

Dr. Les Carter is a best selling author and therapist, who has semi-retired to Waco, Texas. In the past 40+ years he has conducted more than 65,000 counseling sessions and many workshops and seminars.  He specializes in anger management and narcissistic personality disorder.

In 2018 he founded the Surviving Narcissism YouTube channel and the Dr. Les Carter YouTube channel. His words: “In my history of conducting anger workshops, it became abundantly clear that self absorption, control cravings, and the lack of empathy were at the base of most interpersonal problems. So my therapeutic focus went deeper into the direction of understanding narcissism as a means of finding resolution to mood and relationship strains.” YouTube has provided the perfect platform for communicating his insights about narcissism. His goal is simple: explain narcissism and its powerful impact upon relationships, then offer alternatives for healthy living.

Anger Games, Anger Games

A Social Media Phenom

Dr. C is viewed worldwide on social media. His YouTube channel, “Surviving Narcissism,” currently has over 770,000 subscribers and 110 million views. His channel is one of the most influential channels of its kind. He refers to his viewers as #TeamHealthy and reminds them that Dr. C (DRC) stands for Dignity, Respect, and Civility.

Anger Games, Anger Games

Roadblocks This Course Will Help You Overcome…

✅ How and why narcissists are so inclined toward manipulative anger games when conflicts emerge

✅ The inner turmoil their anger games create within you

✅ How you become susceptible to responding in ways that feed their schemes

Questions This Course Answers…

🤔 What is the difference between healthy and unhealthy anger?

🤔 What’s going on behind the scenes that causes narcissists to be so toxic in the midst of disagreements?

🤔 When the narcissist won’t change or becomes worse over time, how can you find the resolve to resist their menacing ways?

Problems This Course Will Help Solve…

🕊️ How to stay steady and objective when narcissists work overtime to bring out the worst in you

🕊️ Developing a mindset that allows you to rise above the narcissist’s pettiness and chaos

🕊️ Learning to live with “behavioral assertiveness” when your words are not received well

Experience the Course in Our Private Portal

Anger Games, Anger Games

When you enroll in the course, you will gain access to our private and secure online portal for you to complete the entire course in. In our portal, Dr. Carter will guide you through the course step by step.

Course Curriculum

Anger Games, Anger Games

The full curriculum includes 5 full modules, each with 5-6 unique lessons written and recorded by Dr. Les Carter. Once you begin with Dr. Carter’s welcome, you will move right into Module 1, Healthy and Unhealthy Anger, and you will be lead lesson by lesson through Module 5, Keys To Staying Out Of The Anger Games. The course ends with a personal message from Dr. Carter about his personal motives for presenting this material, and his well wishes for your future success.

Detailed Workbook

Anger Games, Anger Games

The Anger Games course includes an extensive workbook with full handouts and questions corresponding to each video lesson. Each single handout is approximately 1500 words and follows closely to what is taught in each video.

Hear what people have to say about Dr. Carter’s courses

“Before going through the workshop, I had no idea my anger could be communicated in so many ways.  The section on choices in anger was a real eye opener.  I’ve thought about it over and over.”

“I was amazed at how close to home the lesson were for me.”

“His comments were spot on with all sorts of topics I needed to look at.”

“I was amazed at how close to home the lesson were for me.”

“I have never been challenged to think about relationships in the ways this workshop made me think.   It opened my mind to concepts I would never have thought about on my own.”

“I’ve been to plenty of seminars but none pushed me to think the way Dr. C’s class has.”

“I couldn’t get over how closely the questions and illustrations mirrored my life circumstances.  It opened my mind to concepts I would never have thought about on my own.”

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