About Surviving Narcissism

, About Surviving Narcissism

Welcome to my website, SurvivingNarcissism.tv.  I’m pleased you have joined me.

Life with a narcissist presents many challenges and I’m here to keep you informed, to educate you, and to inspire you to find your voice when the controllers in your life would prefer otherwise.

Take your time as you look around.  You’ll find original videos and articles.  Check out the quizzes and checklists so you can get a handle on what you are up against as you determine how to respond wisely to narcissists.  I’ll also include informative materials from outside sources.

Above all, know I am a fellow sojourner.  I am a 40-year veteran psychotherapist with 65,000 counseling sessions under my belt.  I’ve studied the phenomenon extensively and have gleaned much from the many case studies I’ve conducted.

No matter what your lot in life or stage of maturation, I believe you can learn and grow and I’m here to help that process along.

Sincerely, Les Carter, PhD

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