Get Help Today: One on One Counseling for Narcissistic Abuse

Dr. Les Carter has vetted BetterHelp and recommends their service to anyone struggling in a narcissistic relationship. 

I’m Dr. Les Carter. I’m a therapist and I have a couple of YouTube channels – The Dr. Les Carter channel and the Surviving Narcissism. In my videos I talk with individuals about managing their emotions as they engage with very difficult people. As a result, I receive lots of requests for online counseling. 

I’m just one person, so I’m not able to handle all of that. So I’ve joined forces with the people at BetterHelp. They have a very large team of licensed and experienced counselors, coming from a broad array of specialities. 

When you start with BetterHelp, you’ll be asked to take a survey and you will be matched with one of the counselors – very often within the same day.

I’ve received real feedback from real individuals telling me how please they’ve been with the services they’ve received.  

So, watch my videos and as the need presents itself I want you to go to BetterHelp. There will be somebody there ready to help you out.

I want you to get the help you deserve.

Dr. Les Carter