Freedom is defined as the privilege to choose. Sometimes you choose well, other times poorly. Either way, you still get to choose who you will be. You can certainly consult others along the way, but in the end, each behavior, each emotional response, and each lifestyle priority is something you get to decide. You have the final word about who you are, and everyone has the choice to have uniqueness. 

A beautiful fact about humanity lost on controllers is that uniqueness is built into every personality. Each individual has a distinct temperament type. Each person carries a distinct blend of skills, emotions, experiences, interests, perceptions, preferences, quirks, strengths, and insights. Every person grows up with environmental influences duplicated nowhere else. 

Controllers might state that they understand the beauty of human distinctions, but in moments of conflict or differences, they habitually fall back into the habit of pressing for conformity. They might shame you, speak critically about you, or become insistent. And when you argue that your preferences should be honored, they typically double down with their insistent mode of communication. 

If you think that you might be stuck in the abuse cycle of a controller, don’t wait, seek further help now. I have created a course called Free to Be that dives deep into the mind of a controller, with the goal of teaching you how to break free from their grasp. You can start breaking free right now! Begin the course HERE.

uniqueness, Uniqueness in Thoughts, Feelings, and Perceptions are Inevitable