Controllers routinely overlook your fundamental right to be free as they concoct all sorts of plans for your life, and they are more than willing to let you know their plan. Controllers want to shape your identity into their liking, but that cuts against the principle of free will. You will only be your best as you determine, from the inside out, who you want to be. Let’s look a little deeper into how controllers justify planning out your life.

So how do controllers justify planning out your life? The answer is quite simple. Controllers are game players. They are not as interested in cultivating a relationship as they are in winning the game of Dominance. You are the designated loser even before the game is initiated. And when you respond in your unhealthy patterns, you are playing their game, a game you cannot win. 

Do you think you might be dealing with someone who is a controller? Are you curious to learn more about why controllers justify planning out your life? If you think you are, you must remember: You are free to be you, and if a controller does not accept that truth, you are STILL free to be you!

If you think you are dealing with a controller and would like to learn more, I have created a course called Free to Be that discusses freeing yourself from the controller, and step-by-step lessons to keep it that way.

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Controllers Justify Planning Out Your Life, How Controllers Justify Planning Out Your Life