As a free person, you get to decide when and how to exert control, and therein lies the challenge. As you build a life of freedom, you will need to embrace a paradox: The best way to be in control is to quit trying to be so in control. You must get over the counter controlled loop. If you can grasp the essence of that thought, you will be well on your way to a life of steadiness and influence. 

Your goal is to be free. No longer willing to come under a controller’s yoke, you have decided to carve out your own separate path, despite the protests of those who might prefer otherwise. Getting over the counter controlled loop is important because trying to be in control of everything all of the time can be taxing to your mental health. To achieve your goal, one trait stands above all others…being authentic.

Freedom is more than just escaping a controller’s clutches, but it means you embrace fully what it means to be uniquely you. And for that freedom to be most rewarding, it needs to be embraced openly without any pretense. 

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Counter Controlled Loop, The Counter Controlled Loop – Quit Trying to be so In Control