Often times when we are dealing with a narcissist, it is hard understand the narcissist’s attitudes. They are extremely condescending.

Here are the 15 Condescending Attitudes That Indicate Disdain Toward You:

1. They make low attempts to connect with you. The implication is: “You’re not worth the effort.”

2. They can be overly sensitive in their emotional reactions to you.  This implies, “My feelings are the only feelings that matters.  You shouldn’t feel differently from me.”

3. They have little regard to your emotions.  Since they are so enamored with the ways they feel, it stands to reason that they make no effort to know how you feel.  Their self absorption results in very low empathy.

4. They will over-interpret your emotions to make it all about them.  They might ask: “Why are you doing this to me?” or “What did I do to deserve this?”  This happens despite indications that your emotions are a separate matter.

5. They can be bored or disinterested regarding the issues that matter to you.  If events don’t fit their preferences, they think, “Why would I care?”

6. They will judge you readily.  They express disagreement while insinuating that you are not just wrong, but defective.

7. They can be quite uncomfortable around people who differ.  Rather than responding to different people with an open mind, they wish to be only with those who conform to their tastes or opinions.

8. They will blame others for their flaws or mistakes even when all evidence indicates otherwise. This is part of their need to be superior.

9. They strongly dislike to apologize, and when they do, it is shallow.  They cannot bear feeling subordinate.

10. They will punish via silence and physical withdrawal.  They convey an “I’ll show you who’s in charge” attitude.

11. They feel victimized easily.  Your lack of agreement leads to the conclusion: “You’re making my life miserable.”

12. They may appear humble, only to have you learn later that they were just tuned out.  Their gentleness or deference can be a disguise for disinterest or even smugness.

13. They can harbor feelings of jealousy and envy.  The lack of empathy renders them unable to be glad for your good fortune or for others’ good wishes toward you.

14. They have difficulty expressing thanks or gratitude.  In their minds, honoring you detracts from their specialness. It’s as if they’re thinking: “There is only enough good will here for one person, and that person is me.”

15. They can hold grudges for a long time.  Once you’ve offended a narcissist, you cannot get off their bad list.