“Well, it’s different when I’m the one telling you what to do. Me controlling you is necessary.” Does this sound familiar? If it does, you are looking right at the controllers obvious illogic.

Controllers are not honest or aware enough to actually admit this double standard, but it exists nonetheless. But it is their commitment to double standards that undergirds their chronic illogic. And the single biggest mistake you can make is to attempt to convince the illogical controllers of their illogic. Being illogical, they cannot receive your legitimate input. 

Let’s attempt to go behind the scenes in a controller’s mind to discern what thoughts drive them. As we do so, I want you to recall a few common scenarios when you have felt like you were being required to succumb to a controller’s illogic.

In those moments, you predictably felt hurt, discounted, angry, or perplexed. But what if you could pause long enough to identify the illogic driving their controlling attitudes? What would you discover? 

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controllers obvious illogic, The Controllers Obvious Illogic, and How This Happens